Review of Automated Stock Picking Software Stock Assault

Published: 05th February 2010
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Does the Stock Assault 2.0 automatic stock picking software work as well as its programmer claims? It is basically a stock picking software that suggests to its user which stocks have strong profit potential at any given time. It is also able to compare the potential of different stocks and choose the best one from the candidates. I was really interested to find out how the software makes its decision, thus I decided to get the demo and eventually purchase it for its full features.

How Does Stock Assault 2.0 Work?

This stock picking software replicates the thinking logic of human brains to find potentially profitable stocks. It uses artificial intelligence that takes the logic of the human brain and is able to process thousands of stock information through this logic. The end result is a piece of stock picking software that can work more than 40X faster than what normal human beings can, making it a very powerful tool for every stock trader.

Are There Any Different Types Of Stock Picking Software Available?

Different traders will have different needs for their stock software. Stock Assault 2.0 is a stock picking software that is capable of digging through information of thousands of stocks and find new stock investing opportunities in just a few seconds. There is also software that is meant to track the performance of a stock portfolio only.

Is Stock Assault 2.0 Worth Investing In?

This software has been helping me identify the right stocks to buy with more than 95% accuracy, and I am more than happy with its performance so far. They offer a free demo download so new users can get a feel of how it works before deciding whether to invest in it.

Stock Assault Summary Review - In review of the stock assault 2.0 program, I would recommend giving this one a try. This can add up to almost $150 to buy but who gives a crap for one if you are investing money in the stock market, $150 bucks should only be a piece of cake for you. Don't worry about the money cause it will pay off instantly when you use it and take a look for yourself!

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